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Our goal is to offer you the highest quality books, DVDs and other items at great prices. To bring you the best bargains, some of our books may be classified as remainders or overstocks.

What is a remainder book?

Sometimes a book doesn't sell in a particular store or market and is returned by the bookstore to the distributor. These books, known as remainders, sometimes have a small mark or line on the page ends. The distributor or publisher then resells the books to other dealers at a deep discount in order to reduce the inventory. We pass these savings on to you. These books are, in many cases, still in print as current releases. The mark is placed on books to prevent other book dealers from returning the same books for credit.

What is an overstock?

When a publisher prints significantly more copies than what can be sold, they may liquidate the excess inventory at a discount. We pass these savings on to you. Usually this occurs at the last printing of the book. Therefore the book will be considered out-of-print after that point.

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