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At Black Books Direct we strive to find you great book deals wherever we can. Many  times books don't sell as well as the publishers anticipate and they produce many more books than can be sold. In those situations, the publisher may liquidate the remaining stock at steep discounts to avoid the carrying costs associated with slow moving inventory.

The books falling into this category may be books that are no longer in print, and, once these stocks are depleted, the book will become unavailable through normal distribution channels. Other times, however, the book may still be available through the regular retail channels and this "sold-off" inventory represents a true bargain compared to what you would pay at a bookstore. To avoid confusion with normal retail stock (which can be returned to publishers by the bookstore owner), the books are often marked with a line on the top or bottom page ends. A book in this condition is probably not suitable for a gift, but if the enjoyment of the subject matter is more important than the existence of an extra mark, you can save up to 80% of the suggested retail price of the book.

Please read  the individual book descriptions for specifics about the book's condition. All books are considered to be new. This means they are unread and were purchased from the publisher or distributors. We try to only offer books that are in the best "like new" condition, but we may sometimes offer books that show wear from sitting on the shelf too long, or may have slight scratches on the cover. Please note that quantities are limited, and we may sell out of a bargain book title. But don't worry, we are always on the hunt for more great deals, so check with us often.

Black Books Direct wants you be satisfied, so we offer the same guarantee on bargain books that we do on all of our products. If you are not satisfied, please let us know. We will replace the item or refund your purchase price.

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