River Woman
by Donna Hemans

River Woman
River Woman
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As she washes her laundry in the river, Kelithe is startled from her daydreams by the sound of women screaming. It is not until she sees a small body in the shallow water that she realizes what has happened. Her young son, Timothy, has drowned in the Rio Minho.

The women oof Standfast, Jamaica, whisper that she stood and watched Timothy die so that she could seize her chance to join her mother in America. Numb with grief, Kelithe lacks the strength to confront them. She can only wait for the funeral. And for her mother to come stand by her at last.

It is into this cauldron of guilt, grief, and suspicion that Sonya returns to bury the grandson she has never seen. Fifteen years ago, promising to sen for her five-year-old daughter soon, soon, Sonya set off for America. Year after year, she struggled to get settled enough to do right by Kelithe. But even as Sonya married and had a second daughter, Kelithe grew to womanhood under her grandmother's care, found fleeting love in a stranger's arms, and had a shame-filled pregnancy of her own. And when Sonya was finally ready, there was room only for Kelithe. Timothy would have to stay behind. Kelithe would have to abandon him as she herself had been abandoned. But Sonya would send for him soon, soon.

What really happened at the Rio Minho? It is a question Sonya cannot ask, and an accusation Kelithe will not answer. And it lies at the heart of this shattering nove. In spare, powerful prose, Donna Hemans lays bare the human heart, and the many facets of truth.

River Woman
by Donna Hemans

ISBN: 9780743410397
ISBN-10: 0743410394
Publisher: Washington Square Press (Simon & Schuster)
Publication Date: January 2002
Format: Hardcover, 240 pages, 6" x 9"
Book Type: New Bargain Book
Condition: No remainder mark but may have minor shelf wear

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