Becoming Abigail
by Chris Abani

Becoming Abigail
Becoming Abigail
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"Thoughts of Abigail filled her world. By all accounts she had been a tall, thin woman whose eyes held a power beyond the black pools of her irises. Tall, thin, and dark, she, this Abigail, looked so much like the other that her father had named her the same. She was more ghost than her mother, however, moving with th quality of light breathing through a house in which the only footprints in the dust were those of her dead mother. Even her laughter, at once wild and reigned in, was all Abigail."

Tough, spirited, and fiercely independent Abigail is brought as a teenager to London from Nigeria by relatives who attempt to force her into prostitution.

She flees, struggling to find herself in the shadow of a strong but dead mother, and trying to save the one lover she has chosen in her short life, her social worker -- disgraced and now facing charges.

In spare yet haunting and lyrical prose reminiscent of Marguerite Duras, Abani brings to life a young woman who lives with a strength and inner light that will enlighten and uplift the reader.

Becoming Abigail
by Chris Abani

ISBN: 9781888451948
ISBN-10: 1888451947
Publisher: Akashic Books
Publication Date: 2006
Format: Trade Paperback, 119 pages, 5.25" x 8.25"
Book Type: New

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