The Historical Origin of Christianity
by Walter Williams

Historical Origin of Christianity
Historical Origin of Christianity
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The information written in this book is very vital to our community at this time in world history. If we are to advance ourselves out of this mental and spiritual confusion, we must have the knowledge of what happened to our Ancient Egyptian ancestors in the past in order for us to know what has to be done in the future.

If I had not written this book, chances are you would have never known the true historical origin of Christianity because Christian theology, as taught throughout history and today, will never reveal this to you. Why not? Because the European religious and academic communities have erased the Coptic Egyptian origin of this religion thereby creating a totally European world view of Christianity.

Since we as a people have been spiritually disconnected from our Ancient Egyptian ancestors, we do not think and live our lives as subjects of our own ancestral historical experience.

- Walter Williams

The Historical Origin of Christianity
by Walter Williams

ISBN: 9781881040088
ISBN-10: 1881040089
Publisher: Maathian Press
Publication Date: August 1998
Format: Paperback, 158 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
Book Type: New

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