Talk To Me
by Pat Simmons

Talk To Me
Talk To Me
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Noel Richardson seems near perfect, but degrees, wealth, and good genes don't define a man. The CEO of a St. Louis no-profit organization, Noel doesn't respond when women whisper compliments behind his back. It's only God's voice he hears.

His life has been anything but easy since surviving a fireworks explosion that shattered his hearing. Since then, Noel ha learned to co-exist between two worlds -- hearing and deaf. For years his Sunday morning worship came courtesy of televangelists. Spiritually, he was dying from the lack of fellowship. But what could he do? Very few churches had what he needed. Then Noel stumbles across an invitation flashing on a portable sign: Thanksgiving Service, All Are Welcome, Welcome. Deaf Ministry Provided.

Once inside God's Grace Church, he's captivated by sign language interpreter Mackenzie Norton's graceful hands. To Noel, Mackenzie is exquisite, a steadfast believer, and headstrong. With her, Noel can hear the impossible.

Talk To Me
by Pat Simmons

ISBN: 9781601628954
ISBN-10: 1601628951
Publisher: Urban Christian (Urban Books)
Publication Date: March 2011
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 405 pages, 4.25" x 6.75"
Book Type: New

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