by Crystal Hubbard

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Sportswriter Miranda Penney knows all about men with balls and big sticks, but she hits all the wrong notes when she finds herself reluctantly falling for rock star Lucas Fletcher. No stranger to the pitfalls of dating a celebrity, Miranda would rather shun true love than risk having her heart broken by the one man with whom she might find it.

The daughter of an African-American baseball player who frequently cheated on her beautiful, accomplished Brazilian mother, Miranda also bears the wounds of having been cheated on by the ballplayer she herself dated.

Although she can't deny her attraction to Lucas, Miranda can't force herself to accept the love the handsome Welshman wants to give her. Their careers keep them surrounded by gorgeous, wealthy men and women of every color and description, but for Lucas and Miranda, when it comes to love, race doesn't matter... But fidelity and trust do, and those are the two things Lucas is determined to teach Miranda to believe in.

by Crystal Hubbard

ISBN: 9781585712434
ISBN-10: 1585712434
Publisher: Genesis Press
Publication Date: March 2007
Format: Trade Paperback, 289 pages, 5.25" x 8.5"
Book Type: New

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