Drugs: My Curse, My Savior
by Jemal Omar Gibson

Drugs: My Curse, My Savior
Drugs: My Curse, My Savior
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Born to drug addicted parents, he was forced to navigate through the toxic world of illegal drugs, poverty, and violence in search of a better life. Through sheer determination and his insatiable desire to overcome his challenges, Gibson emerges a better, more grateful and gracious human being.

The book describes how Gibson has successfully navigated his way through the darkest of life's valleys and how he escaped the surroundings that unapologetically threatened to destroy him. He candidly shares his experiences in this riveting narrative that evokes every emotion from laughter to tears as the reader is taken on the explosive roller coaster ride that was Gibson's life.

Drugs: My Curse, My Savior
by Jemal Omar Gibson

ISBN: 9780983080800
ISBN-10: 0983080801
Publisher: GW Publishers
Publication Date: December 2010
Format: Trade Paperback, 400 pages, 6" x 9"
Book Type: New

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