by Darrell Debrew

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Stacy titled herself “The Ultimate Gangsta Bitch” and is the only female member of Philadelphia’s most elusive criminals – The Untouchables. No one knows The Untouchables’ identities, not even the police. What can’t be identified can’t be caught.

When things start to go bad, all the pressure is put on Stacy. Everything she has is put on the line – her son, parents, rap career and pride. Stacy has a choice: stay loyal to the game or become a rat like one of the ruthless members of The Untouchables.

With all of the drama thrown at her, Stacy begins to crack under the pressure. Can she keep her rep intact, or will she let the game get the best of her and become a rat?

by Darrell Debrew

ISBN: 9780976789444
ISBN-10: 0976789442
Publisher: Triple Crown Publications
Publication Date: 2005
Format: Trade Paperback, 185 pages
Book Type: New

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