by Tracy Brown

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Who Said The Street Don’t Love Nobody? Black is the novel that shatters the myth. Kaia didn’t choose the streets. The streets chose her. Tossed from a broken home, this young inner-city girl is forced to learn the hard way just how grimy street life can be. Shedding her innocence, Kaia goes from being an often overlooked, stepped upon and crushed little girl, to a woman. She endures all of the drama that life throws at her, sometimes catching it and other times being knocked flat on her ass. Don’t street fairy tales have a Prince? Aaron: handsome, suave, debonair and PAID! What is good to you, just might not be good for you… With enemies is disguise, Kaia fights for survival and freedom. Like a captured Black butterfly, Kaia struggles to emerge and triumph, but victory ain’t always sweet, as a matter of fact, sometimes it’s bitter to the end.

by Tracy Brown

ISBN: 9780970247285
ISBN-10: 0970247281
Publisher: Triple Crown Publications
Publication Date: 2003
Format: Trade Paperback, 182 pages
Book Type: New

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