Bad Girls Finish First
by Sheila Dansby Harvey

Bad Girls Finish First [MM]
Bad Girls Finish First [MM]
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With law school behind her, this sexy, sinful seductress has graduated to bigger—and badder—things…

Raven Holloway has gone from heartbreaker to bona fide homewrecker. No sooner did she extract herself from a messy, not to mention illegal “situation” at school, than she managed to steal a Texas Senator from his devoted wife. But she’s just getting started…

Having convinced her new husband to run for governor—which will make her Texas’s First Lady—nothing’s going to stop Raven from getting what she wants, no matter who she has to step on, sleep with, or double cross. It’s a long chain of fools that includes the senator’s very own chief aide—a man with plenty to hide....

Her pathway to success strewn with seductions, betrayals, and bribes, the future looks bright—except for the troubling matter of Raven’s past. Her greatest fear is that her involvement in the unfortunate fate of her fellow student, ex-lover and partner-in-crime, Omar Faxton, will be discovered. And she’s right to worry, because her dirty little secret is about to fall into the worst possible hands...

Bad Girls Finish First
by Sheila Dansby Harvey

: 9780758208248
ISBN-10: 0758208243
Publisher: Dafina Books (Kensington Publishing)
Publication Date: 2008
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 190 pages
Book Type: New

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