God Still Don't Like Ugly
by Mary Monroe

God Still Don't Like Ugly [PB]
God Still Don't Like Ugly [PB]
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In this haunting and powerful novel, national bestselling author Mary Monroe revisits Annette Goode, Rhoda Nelson, and the other unforgettable characters she introduced in God Still Don’t Like Ugly. After five years, Annette is ready to reach out—cautiously—to her troubled girlhood companion, Rhoda. It is a necessary reunion—and one that will change Annette’s life forever…

Growing up, Annette Goode thought all men were as low-down as the father who abandoned her. There was Mr. Boatwright, the boarder who abused her for years—until her best friend Rhoda murdered him. And what about the men she slept with to earn the money she needed to run away from her life? None of them was exactly the picture of chivalry. But now, after decades of soul searching and heartache, Annette has reunited with the father she never really knew. She’s severed all ties with the dangerously unstable Rhoda. And finally her real life has started to take shape. Or so she thinks…

Things start to fall apart at—of all places—Annette’s own pre-wedding celebration, where a guest reveals that the beautiful bride-to-be once turned tricks for a living. When her fiancé pulls a disappearing act, Annette reunites with Pee Wee Davis—the man who has been her on-again, off-again sweetheart since childhood. It’s not a great life, but it’s a pretty good one.

Yet Annette still holds the secret of her ex-friend Rhoda’s murderous past deep in her heart. She knows it’s a burden that will torment her until she can put it to rest. So when Rhoda suddenly walks back into her life, Annette must decide what she should believe—and what she can forgive—as she tries to salvage the one relationship that she just can’t seem to let go… 

God Still Don't Like Ugly
by Mary Monroe

ISBN: 0758203438
: 9780758203434
: Dafina Books (Kensington Books)
Publication Date: 2003
: Trade Paperback, 328 pages
Book Type
: New

This book is also available in a hardcover edition: God Still Don't Like Ugly [HC]

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