Yeah, I Said It
by Wanda Sykes

Yeah, I Said It [PB]
Yeah, I Said It [PB]
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...about President George W. Bush: "Sometimes I feel like we're trapped on a bad reality show. He's not really a president. He's a construction worker. If he gets reelected, he gets a million dollars and we get screwed." Michael Jackson: "He still hasn't molested as many boys as the Catholic Church." Abortion: "It's nobody's business to tell another woman what to do with her body. Let's leave that up to Joan and Melissa Rivers."

Imbued with her razor-sharp voice, sidesplitting candor, and her trademark brand of comedy, the essays in Yeah, I Said It showcase Wanda at her uproarious, uncensored best.

Yeah, I Said It
by Wanda Sykes

ISBN: 9780743482714
ISBN-10: 0743482719
Publisher: Atria Books (Simon & Schuster)
Publication Date: 2005
Format: Trade Paperback, 256 pages
Book Type: New

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