The Echo from Dealey Plaza
by Abraham Bolden

Echo from Dealey Plaza [PB]
Echo from Dealey Plaza [PB]
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A gripping and unforgettable true story of bravery and patriotism in the face of bitter hatred.

Abraham Bolden was a young African American Secret Service agent in Chicago when he was asked by John F. Kennedy himself to join the White House Secret Service detail. For Bolden, it was a dream come true–and an encouraging sign of the charismatic president’s vision for a new America.

But the dream quickly turned sour. Bolden found himself regularly subjected to open hostility and blatant racism, and he was appalled by the White House team’s irresponsible approach to security. In the wake of JFK’s assassination, Bolden sought to expose the agency’s negligence, only to find himself the victim of a sinister conspiracy. The Echo from Dealey Plaza is the story of the terrible price paid by one man for his commitment to truth and justice.

The Echo from Dealey Plaza
by Abraham Bolden

ISBN: 9780307382023
ISBN-10: 0307382028
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (Random House)
Publication Date: Janaury 2009
Format: Trade Paperback, 306 pages, 5.25" x 8"
Book Type: New

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